Idiom:  laugh off something


Idiom:  laugh off something (laugh something off)

  • to act or pretend as if something isn’t important or doesn’t bother you

Example sentences

  • When the kids make fun of you, I suggest you just laugh it off and they’ll get bored of teasing you.
  • I know my uncle hates it when my grandpa tells embarrassing stories about him so I admire how he just laughs it off.
  • My boss laughed off the criticism of his marketing idea but I could tell he was furious.
  • I thought about laughing my colleague's comments off but after thinking about it seriously, I decided to report him to human resources for sexual harassment .
  • We laughed the waiter's rude remarks off rather than letting him ruin our dinner.
  • Sometimes it's easier to laugh off my mother-in-law's criticisms rather than defend myself.
  • Just laugh it off Dad—that guy is looking for a fight.
  • I'm tired of laughing off your boyfriend's rude comments. Next time I'll let him I know exactly how I feel.


  • brush something off
  • pay no attention
  • pay no heed
  • pay no mind
  • turn a deaf ear

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