Idiom:  layover


Idiom:  layover

  • to make a stop somewhere during travel, usually because of scheduling requirements

Example sentences

  • I’m just about to board a plane for the Philippines but I have a six-hour layover in Abu Dhabi and I’ll check email when I’m there.
  • I couldn’t find any direct flights to San Francisco. Unfortunately, I have to layover in both Chicago and Denver!
  • Is there a nonstop flight to London? I don't want to have to layover unless it's absolutely necessary.
  • Unfortunately, my plane was late and the layover in Washington was so short that I missed my connecting flight.
  • If you have a layover in Dubai, you can shop at their humongous duty-free shop.
  • My secretary booked a room at the hotel inside Istanbul International Airport, so I slept and showered during the layover there.
  • We've decided to leave the airport and take a city tour because we have a nine hour layover in Singapore.
  • If you're flying to Europe from the West Coast, you're likely to have a layover at JFK airport in New York City.


  • stop over

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