Idiom:  lead someone astray


Idiom:  lead someone astray

  1.  to negatively influence someone or cause them to make a mistake
  2.  to make someone believe something that's not true

Example sentences

  • My parents don’t want me to go away to college because they’re terrified someone will lead me astray.
  • I thought the person at the train station was helping me but he was trying to lead me astray.
  • The photographer led the young woman astray when he took nude photos of her for her "modeling" portfolio.
  • Be careful when you travel overseas—thieves see tourists as easy targets to lead astray.
  • My elderly grandparents were led astray by their caretaker, who persuaded them to give her access to their bank accounts.
  • I realized I was being led astray when my boyfriend asked me to lie to his parents.
  • Many people are too embarrassed to tell anyone when they've been led astray so many thieves never get caught.
  • Search for "pain relief" on the internet and at least five unscrupulous ads will pop up trying to lead people astray to buy worthless miracle remedies.


1.  negatively influence someone:

2.  make one believe something that isn't true:

  • bait and switch
  • put on an act
  • rip off
  • put up a smoke screen
  • string along
  • steer someone the wrong way
  • bend the truth
  • feed someone a line
  • pull one over on someone
  • pull the wool over someone's eyes

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