Idiom:  leave someone high and dry


Idiom:  leave someone high and dry

  • to be in a difficult situation without any help or support

Example sentences

  • When I missed the last bus home I was left high and dry and had to walk home in the rain.
  • After we finally left our daughter high and dry, she got tired of living on the streets and agreed to go to rehab. 
  • My roommates left me high and dry at the party so I called an Uber.
  • Please don't leave me high and dry again! Just let me know when you're leaving next time.
  • Can you pay me back by Friday? My rent's due so I can't be left high and dry.
  • I'm a one-person business and I've had to institute a no-show fee because too many of my clients have left me high and dry.
  • We're never taking an escorted tour again. We were one minute late getting back to the bus and the tour director left us high and dry during our last holiday.
  • My car broke down again and left me high and dry on the way to an important meeting.
  • My roommate left me high and dry when she suddenly moved out without any advance notice.


  • leave someone in a bind
  • make life difficult for someone
  • pull the rug out from under someone
  • throw someone a curve ball

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