Idiom:  beyond one’s means


Idiom:  beyond one’s means

  • more than one’s budget or the amount of money that they have

Example sentences

  • Credit cards make it possible for so many people to live beyond their means.
  • When I discovered my boyfriend was living beyond his means to impress me, it made me really sad.
  • My family always lived beyond our means so my financial habits are not very good.
  • It's really stressful to live beyond your means
  • After living beyond our means for a few years, we had to move in with my parents to pay down our debt and save money.
  • I got a much better paying job but it still wasn't enough. That made me realize the problem wasn't that I didn't make enough, but rather that I was always living beyond my means.
  • Using cash or debit card for purchases and having an automatic transfer each month to my savings account ensures I don't live beyond my means.
  • If you keep living beyond your means you will have to declare bankruptcy one day.


  • throw money around
  • be in the hole
  • rob Peter to pay Paul


  • live within one's means

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