Idiom:  make ends meet


Idiom:  make ends meet

  • to have enough money to pay for the basic necessities

Example sentences

  • After I lost my job, I didn’t have enough to make ends meet so I had to sleep on my sister’s couch and eat lots of spaghetti.
  • When I was 15 years old, my parents were so grateful that I got a job to help us make ends meet.
  • We wanted my wife to stay home after our baby was born but we couldn't make ends meet without her salary.
  • I was able to make ends meet with the help of food stamps. I had a full-time job but as a single parent, I still couldn't pay all of my bills without government support.
  • How will me make ends meet living in San Francisco? I don't think it's wise for us to relocate unless I can find a job too.
  • It's really hard for college graduates to make ends meet with huge student loan payments so many people in their 20s and 30s have to move back into their parents' homes.
  • I'm sorry but I'd never be able to make ends meet on that salary. Before I interviewed, you asked for the salary range I expected and this is far below that minimum amount.
  • My sister lives in New York City and makes almost $200,000 annually but she still cannot make ends meet.
  • It's not as private or quiet, but living in a group home has made it easy for me to make ends meet and even start saving for my first home.


  • get by
  • pinch pennies
  • tighten one's belt
  • cut corners

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