Idiom:  make it up to someone


Idiom:  make it up to someone

  • to do something nice or good to compensate for something you did wrong or failed to do

Example sentences

  • I'm sorry I missed your softball game. I'll make it up to you by taking your team out for ice cream after your next game.
  • This new diamond bracelet is my husband's way of making it up to me for forgetting our anniversary.
  • We really need to make it up to your mother for missing her 75th birthday party.
  • I cannot believe I forgot about your birthday.  What can I do to make it up to you?
  • I'm sorry but I've got to cancel tomorrow night. If I don't join Sara at her colleague's party I'll have to buy her something to make it up to her.
  • Forget about him. You made a mistake and did everything you could to make it up to him but it's clear he'll never truly forgive you.
  • I didn't mind that my father couldn't make it to my graduation because he's taking me to New York for a long weekend to make it up to me.


  • make amends
  • redeem oneself

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