Idiom:  me neither


Idiom:  me neither

  • and I also am not
  • I also would not

Note:  This is used when someone else makes a negative statement that is also true for you.

Example sentences

Dialogues between two people:

  • A:  I don’t think I have time to go home and change clothes before the party.  B: Me neither.
  • A:  I would never talk to my mother that way in front of my friends.  B: Me neither.  My mom would be furious.
  • A: Do you  like beer?  B:  Not really.  A: Me neither.  Let's order wine instead.
  • A:  I didn't get a call back for another interview.  B:  Me neither.  Let's stay positive, okay?
  • A:  Are you planning to have kids?  B. Probably not.  A:  Really? Me neither.
  • A:  I really don't want to go to school today.  B:  Me neither.  Let's skip class and go to the mall instead.
  • A:  I can't go to the picnic tomorrow.  B:  Me neither.  My daughter has a ballet recital.


  • Neither do I

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