Idiom:  mean business


Idiom:  mean business

  • to be serious about something you say or promise
  • to do what you say you will do

Example sentences

  • My father threatened so many times to take away my phone and nothing happened but last night he meant business and confiscated my phone.
  • I mean business when I say I’m going to run a marathon in June.
  • When we say we have a "no questions, 100% satisfaction guarantee," we mean business.
  • Don't talk back to your teacher. When she threatens to have you suspended she means business.
  • My daughter means business this time about getting better grades. She's been studying every day and asking us questions when she needs help.
  • My girlfriend knew I meant business about our relationship when I asked her to come home to meet my parents at Thanksgiving.
  • Hi Mom, can we come over until Friday when I get paid? I didn't think they meant business but they shut off our electricity yesterday.


  • be in earnest
  • bound and determined

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