Idiom:  meet someone halfway


Idiom:  meet someone halfway

  • to compromise with someone by doing half or a good part of what they want

Example sentences

  • My roommates would never meet me half way with cleaning so I finally got my own place.
  • If you can’t meet me halfway on anything then we’re not going to be a couple much longer.
  • The Palestinians and the Israelis will have to meet each other halfway if they every want to have lasting peace between them.
  • My dad could never meet my mother halfway. It was depressing to see my mother always give in to my father's wishes.
  • If you meet me halfway, I'm sure we can come to an agreement on the sale of the car.
  • I thought my coworker would meet me halfway but I was forced to do more of the project when she didn't complete her own tasks.
  • There's no way I'm driving all the way to Baltimore next week. Why don't we meet halfway in Philadelphia.


  • settle one's differences
  • come to terms
  • sign on

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