Idiom:  neck of the woods


Idiom:  neck of the woods

  • an area or particular part of town or country

Example sentences

  • I’ll be near your neck of the woods on Friday so I was thinking I’d stop by and say hello.
  • The next time you’re going to your mother’s neck of the woods can you please give this casserole dish back to her?
  • My Jones said he saw you in Jacksonville yesterday. Exactly what were you doing in his neck of the woods?
  • I love going camping at my cousin's cabin but it's a two-hour drive to his neck of the woods.
  • If you're ever in our neck of the woods make sure you come over for dinner.
  • Will you be in our neck of the woods this weekend? I'd like you to take a look at my computer and see if you can fix it.
  • Almost everything has changed since I lived in this neck of the woods 20 years ago. Now there's so much traffic everywhere but at least there are things to do.
  • This is Jamie. We both come from the same neck of the woods back in Texas.
  • If my mother every knew I come to this neck of the woods she would have a heart attack!


  • stomping ground

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