Idiom:  nose around


Idiom:  nose around (someone/something)

  • to try to find information about something or someone

Example sentences

  • Try to nose around and find out what your brother would like to do for his birthday.
  • Everyone’s trying to nose around the office because we suspect there will be layoffs.
  • Stop nosing around my stuff or I'll tell mom.
  • Nose around and see if you can find out who else is submitting a bid for the project.
  • My boyfriend's always nosing around my apartment looking for signs I'm in contact with my ex-boyfriend.
  • What can we do legally to nose around our competitors?
  • I was nosing around my roommate's stuff and found some drugs in her desk... Now, what do I do?
  • My little sister is always nosing around my things.
  • My boyfriend broke up with me for nosing around his phone all the time.
  • If you keep nosing around your assistant's email you may find out she doesn't like you.


  • check into
  • dig around
  • do your homework
  • poke around
  • snoop around

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