Idiom:  occur to someone


Idiom:  occur to someone

  • to think of or realize something

Example sentences

  • It didn’t occur to me when you said you’d be home “late” last night that you actually wouldn’t come home until 7 AM!
  • Did it ever occur to you that I might want to choose the TV show sometimes?
  • Didn't it occur to you to buy travel insurance?
  • It never occurred to her that she could lose her college scholarship for underage drinking.
  • I remember you lived in Paris for a year but it never occurred to me that you're fluent in French.
  • I'm sure it never occurred to you that I could cook and do housework but most American males do some of these things.
  • Doesn't it ever occur to you to turn off the lights? You waste so much electricity!
  • I seriously doubt it occurred to my son that we'd stop giving him an allowance after he graduated high school.
  • No, it didn't occur to us that we should purchase renter's insurance. I didn't even know there was such a thing.


  • come to mind
  • dawn on

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