Idiom:  off the air


Idiom:  off the air  

  • not currently being broadcast on the radio or television.

Example sentences

  • The television announcers seemed to be happy colleagues but off the air they were bitter enemies.
  • My favorite show went off the air last week so I need to find a new television series to watch on Thursday evenings.
  • Unfortunately, the reporter thought she was off the air when she started swearing but the cameras were still rolling and she was fired the next day.
  • I can't wait until reality television is taken off the air—the shows keep getting worse and worse.
  • There's a lot that happens behind the scenes when the news is off the air during commercials.
  • Saturday Night Live is off the air for the summer but it's easy to catch up on reruns on YouTube.
  • Viewers called on companies to pull their commercials from the controversial show in an effort to force the television network to take it off the air.
  • Roseanne Barr's sitcom return to television after almost two decades, but after just a few episodes it's off the air again because of her racist tweets on Twitter.


  • on the air

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