Idiom:  once again


Idiom:  once again

  • another time
  • as it was before

Example sentences

  • Once again we see each other at the grocery store.  This is really unusual.
  • If you’re absent once again you’ll need to bring a doctor’s note.
  • Once again you make the worst assumptions before you have the facts.
  • My wife was right once again. I should just follow her directions.
  • I got 100% once again on my math test so my parents are getting me a new computer.
  • If you get called to the principals office once again you will be grounded for the summer.
  • Once again I forgot to pay my credit card bill and they've given me a $38 late fee.
  • Once again my son got lice after going to camp. I'm not letting him go next year.
  • The bay is once again in a healthy condition thanks to conservation efforts.
  • Have you seen how they restored the frescoes in the chapel once again ? The colors are absolutely beautiful.


  • yet again
  • once more

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