Idiom:  out of it


Idiom:  out of it

  1. confused/disoriented, not understanding or aware of what’s happening
  2. not a part of something

Example sentences

  • He always looks out of it because he smokes a lot of marijuana.
  • I was so out of it this morning I missed my stop and rode the bus all the way to the end of the route.
  • You stay out of it—no one wants to hear your opinion.
  • A:  What happened to him? B:  I don't know. I found him laying on the floor out of it so I called an ambulance.
  • Leave me out of it please. I'm not going to take sides in your arguments.
  • My parents were careful during the divorce to keep my siblings and I out of it.
  • My father walked around looking totally out of it after his mother died.
  • I took a pill to relax on the plane but I felt really out of it during the flight.
  • I've learned to stay out of it when the board members have heated discussions.
  • When your grandma criticizes me please just stay out of it. I can defend myself.


  • like a fish out of water
  • out of the loop

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