Idiom:  out of one’s league


Idiom:  out of one’s league

  • trying to do something that one isn’t prepared or qualified for or that isn’t right for the person

Example sentences

  • I tried to train for a marathon but it was out of my league—I’ve decided to start with the 10K race instead.
  • In the advanced English class I felt completely out of my league but the upper intermediate class has been perfect.
  • My sister really feels out of her league here at the law firm and she wants to quit.
  • I used to feel out of my league being the only woman in management but now I have a lot of confidence and experience.
  • Our children have scholarships to an elite boarding school and they feel out of their league socially because we are so poor.
  • I'm out of my league at this company but I pretend I'm wealthy by leasing a car and using my credit cards to pay for expensive clothes.
  • You girlfriend is so beautiful! Dude, you're way out of your league.
  • Our debate team was really out of our league.  The winning team was truly an inspiration.
  • Do you feel out of your league in swim class or do you want to stay in the same level?


  • not stack up against
  • not be on par with
  • not hold a candle to
  • no measure up to

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