Idiom:  out of the question


Idiom:  out of the question

  • impossible; not to be considered
  • totally unlikely

Example sentences

  • My parents said a trip to Europe is out of the question until I’m 18 years old.
  • Unfortunately, now that I’m diabetic, drinking beer is out of the question.
  • Are you saying a request for a raise is out of the question?
  • I guess staying up to watch the game tonight is out of the question.
  • You didn't finish your dinner so dessert is out of the question young man.
  • They are planning layoffs at the plant so our vacation plans are now out of the question.
  • I'm terrified of getting caught so sneaking out tonight is out of the question.
  • If your assistant feels overtime is out of the question you may have to find someone else who can work longer hours.
  • Getting a credit card is out of the question until I get a job or I'll only get myself into financial problems.


  • won't fly
  • beyond hope
  • not have a prayer

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