Idiom:  (get something) over with


Idiom:  (get something) over with / over and done with

  • to complete or finish something that you must do but don't want to do so that you don't have to worry about it anymore.
  • to allow some unpleasant thing happen so you don't have to experience it any longer.

Example sentences

  • I can’t wait until high school is over and done with and I can move away to college.
  • I got my paper over with so I could enjoy the spring break holiday.
  • Please get your chores over and done with before you start watching television.
  • It's a lot easier to get one difficult task over with at the beginning of the day because you feel like you've accomplished something and it builds momentum.
  • I look forward to when tax season is over and done with. I'm exhausted.
  • I need to get a flu shot but I'm scared. I should get it over with now instead of feeling stressed out about it.
  • I can't wait until final exams are over with. I've been studying nonstop for weeks.
  • My relationship with Alice is over and done with. We broke up an hour ago.
  • We need to have a difficult conversation with our accountant and I just want it over with.


  • get something out of the way
  • put something to bed
  • be done with something

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