Idiom:  play the game


Idiom:  play the game

  • to act in the way everyone expects

Example sentences

  • If you want to get promoted in this company, you have to play the game and work really long hours.
  • I played the game at a corporate law firm and hated it. Then I quit and became a dog walker and I love it.
  • Most singers and actors have to play the game to succeed in show biz but Madonna does whatever she wants.
  • My sister is great at smiling and playing the game with the teachers at school but I refuse to pretend to be a interested when classes are so boring.
  • If you're not willing to play the game then I suggest you try going into business for yourself.
  • I tried playing the game by buying designer clothes and smoking cigarettes in high school but the popular kids never really liked me.
  • I absolutely hated working weekends and evenings without any compensation but I knew I had to play the game in order to get a promotion.
  • When my son found out playing the game in his fraternity meant he had to get drunk and assault other people he dropped out.


  • go with the flow
  • go along with

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