Idiom:  running on empty


Idiom:  running on empty

  • to continue to do something even though you have no energy left 

Note:  This is like a car that has an almost empty gas tank.

Example sentences

  • By the end of the two week camping trip, everyone was running on empty.
  • It's only the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and I'm already running on empty
  • I’ve been working overtime for two months and at this point, I’m running on empty.
  • You can only run on empty for so long. If you don’t take a vacation soon you’ll probably get sick or burnt out.
  • It’s the end of the semester so everyone’s running on empty.
  • When I worked in retail I always felt like I was running on empty. I feel much better working a regular 9-to-5 job during the weekdays.
  • If you keep running on empty you’re going to have a serious health crisis. The first step is to get more sleep.
  • I’m running on empty but I have no choice but to keep trying to make it through this last year of my medical residency.


  • running on fumes

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