Idiom:  (be) scared to death


Idiom:  (be) scared to death

  • to be very frightened

Example sentences

  • My boyfriend is scared to death that my mother won’t like him but I know she will.
  • I was scared to death when a mouse ran across the kitchen floor.
  • I'm scared to death of horror movies. Can we see a Disney film instead? 
  • When I first heard my doctor say "cancer" I was scared to death but luckily I've got an excellent prognosis.

  • My son was scared to death when the police pulled him over for speeding but he was only given a warning.

  • My parents are scared to death watching me compete in gymnastics. They think I'm going to break my neck.

  • The children are already in bed. They were scared to death when I told them Santa can't deliver their presents if they're awake.

  • We had a pop quiz today and everybody was scared to death that they failed it.

  • I was scared to death of my uncle's beard when I was little and he never forgets to tease me about it.

  • These pictures are amazing but aren't you scared to death to eat street food when you travel to Asia? 
  • I used to be scared to death of cockroaches but after living in Africa for a year insects don't bother me anymore.
  • Why didn't you call? I was scared to death that something happened to you!


  • scared stiff
  • panic-stricken

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