Idiom:  shake someone’s hand (shake hands)


Idiom:  shake someone’s hand (shake hands)

  • a form of greeting (and often on departing) where two people grasp hands and move them up and down.

Example sentences

  • I’m sorry I can’t shake your hand today because I broke my finger.
  • I love it when a gentleman grasps hands more delicately when shaking hands with a woman.
  • In some cultures, people bow rather than shake hands with each other.
  • Never offer your left hand when shaking hands with someoneit's very offensive in many cultures.
  • The world leaders shook each other's hands after they signed the trade agreement.
  • Have you noticed when President Trump shakes someone's hand he jerks their entire body toward him.  It's ridiculous and immature.
  • Although not mandatory, tennis players shake hands with each other and the umpire at the end of a match as a sign of goodwill and respect. 
  • I refused to shake hands with my opponent after he cheated in the match.


  • give someone a handshake

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