Idiom:  Shoot daggers at someone


idiom:  shoot daggers at someone

  • to look at someone in a very angry way
  • to glare at someone

Example sentences

  • When my daughter told everyone I was celebrating my 70th birthday I shot daggers at her and then turned and smiled at everyone else.
  • My boss shot daggers at me when I told everyone at the meeting that I'd written the report by myself. 
  • My husband shot daggers at his mother when she started to say she would see us Friday evening.  That's when I knew they were planning a surprise for our anniversary.
  • I shot daggers at my father when he told an embarrassing story from my teenage years.
  • Did you see Karen shoot daggers at her boyfriend during dinner? I wonder what that was all about.
  • My sister shot daggers at us when we offered to take her kids out for ice cream.
  • My best friend shot daggers at me because I laughed when the guy she's dating said she was a great cook. For some reason he thought she'd actually cooked dinner last night.
  • Is everything okay? I saw you shooting daggers at me just a moment ago.


  • give someone the evil eye
  • give someone a dirty look

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