Idiom:  sit in judgment


Idiom:  sit in judgment of someone/something

  • to decide if someone is guilty/innocent, or good/bad

Example sentences

  • You have no right to sit in judgment of who I date—you’re supposed to be my friend and support me.
  • It's easy for you to sit there in judgment of poor people when you've been able to easily get good jobs with good salaries from your parents' connections.
  • When discussing US politics these days, everybody sits in judgement of other people so easily without taking time to understand why they may have certain views.
  • Would you like it if people sat in judgement of you just because your family was rich?
  • It's amazing how often we sit in judgment of others but want other people to be compassionate towards us.
  • I think Sandra always sits in judgement of us just because we have boyfriends and she doesn't.
  • I don't understand how she can sit in judgement over something she has so little knowledge about. 
  • Why do you think you have the right to sit in judgment over me
  • People often sit in judgement over me just because I like to wear sexy outfits.
  • Ever since my sister became a nutritionist, I feel like she sits in judgement over me whenever I eat junk food or sweets.


  • pass judgment (on someone/something)
  • point the finger at someone
  • find fault with

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