Idiom:  six feet under


Idiom:  six feet under

  • dead and buried

Example sentences

  • It's sad—everyone had already started fighting over my father-in-law's money before he was even six feet under. 
  • Today, in English class, we had to write an essay about what other people will say about us when we're six feet under.
  • "What happened to your dog Jake? " Unfortunately, he's now six feet under but he had a good life."
  • If you keep drinking and driving you're going to end up six feet under.
  • Everyone celebrated when the dictator was finally six feet under.
  • Have you ever seen the television show "Six Feet Under?" It's a dark comedy about the Fisher family, who owns and operates a funeral home in Los Angeles.
  • All the money in the world isn't going to help you when you're six feet under.


  • pushing up daisies
  • permanent address
  • final resting place
  • laid to rest

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