Idiom:  stab someone in the back


Idiom:  stab someone in the back

  • deceive or betray someone
  • to do harm to someone who trusted you

Example sentences

  • I cannot believe my friend stabbed me in the back by telling my teacher I wasn’t really sick when I stayed home yesterday.
  • Watch out for the director's secretary because she'll stab you in the back the first opportunity she gets. 
  • You're going to love working here. Everyone's really nice and you don't have to worry about anyone stabbing you in the back.
  • I thought Jonathan was cool but he stabbed me in the back and I'm never going to tell him anything in confidence again.
  • The acting world is very competitive. You can expect to be stabbed in the back many times throughout your career. 
  • Can you believe my sister stabbed me in the back by telling my parents I snuck out of the house last night?


  • double-cross someone
  • sell someone down the river

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