Idiom:  take the fall for


Idiom:  take the fall for (someone/something)

  • to be blamed or punished, especially for something that you did not do

Example sentences

  • My boss didn't finish the report and then wanted me to take the fall for it.
  • I took the fall for playing with matches because I didn't want my little brother to get punished.
  • That's the last time I'm taking the fall for you because you don't even appreciate it.
  • I can't believe the director expected me to take the fall for her mistake.
  • When they found an open alcohol container in my friend's car I took the fall for it because at least I can drink legally.
  • Your roommate set you up to take the fall but don't worry, his cell phone messages and calls show everything that happened.
  • I loved  my boyfriend so much I took the fall for him when he was arrested, but when I was in jail I found out he'd already started dating someone else.
  • Don't be stupid and try to take the fall for your friends or you could end up being expelled from school.


  • take the rap (for something/someone)

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