Idiom:  the only game in town


Idiom:  the only game in town

  • there is only one of its type

Example sentences

  • I hate my cell phone company but they’re the only game in town that offers accounts without a contract.
  • You're not the only game in town so you better fix the problem and treat me nicely or I'll go to another company.
  • Luckily, the train isn't the only game in town and I was able to buy a cheap bus ticket to New York at the last minute.
  • Is that the best quote you can give us? You do realize you're not the only game in town?
  • Our office supply company forgot to deliver several items again today. They act as if they're the only game in town and I'm about ready to try another supplier.
  • If you weren't the only game in town I'd have ended my internet service a long time ago.
  • Even though Frojolais is the only game in town for frozen yogurt, they still have excellent flavors and toppings.
  • For years, we've been the only game in town to support youngsters with cognitive disabilities and we hope other organizations will join us in supporting these kids.
  • Pretty soon, this bookstore will be the only game in town because Amazon is driving everyone out of business.

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