Idiom:  third wheel


Idiom:  third wheel

  • someone who tags along with a couple

Example sentences

  • Is there any way we can go out alone tonight? I'm tired of your little brother always being the third wheel.
  • I really hate being the third wheel but it's better than staying alone at home every weekend.
  • I feel like a third wheel when I go to the movies with my sister and her boyfriend.
  • Since my husband passed away, the only time I go out is if I'm the third wheel with my girlfriends and their husbands.
  • I'd rather be the third wheel than not go to the dance.
  • My dad sent my little sister out with us tonight as a third wheel so we won't do anything that isn't rated G.
  • Last night, I didn't want to go out with my brother and his wife and be a third wheel but I'm glad I went along because I met a really nice girl at the bar.


  • odd man out
  • odd one out

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