Idiom:  to the max


Idiom:  to the max

  • to the largest or highest degree of something
  • as much as possible
  • very much

Example sentences

  • I love One Direction to the max.
  • Press this button here to turn the volume up to the max.
  • The car is so hot. Turn the air conditioning to the max.
  • These athletes push themselves to the max every time they come on court.
  • My parents support my music career to the max so I'm lucky.
  • If you keep running that space heater to the max it's going to overheat.
  • Our stupid neighbors play their music to the max every weekend.
  • The boss works everyone to the max and then goes into his office and plays Solitaire.
  • If you keep pushing her to the max, soon she's going to hate gymnastics.
  • The serial killer is going to be punished to the max for the crimes she committed.


  • to bits
  • to death

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