Idiom:  try your hand at something


Idiom:  try your hand at something (try one's hand at something)

  • do an activity for the first time to learn whether you like it or are good at it

Example sentences

  • Normally, I don’t like to exercise but I’m going to try my hand at golf.
  • Yesterday, I tried my hand at baking bread and it was so easy and delicious I’m going to do it every week. 
  • Have you tried your hand at bowling? Our office has a league you could join.

  • This weekend my husband and I are going to try our hand at poker with his old high school friends.

  • I wish I'd never tried my hand at scuba diving—now I love it and it's an expensive hobby.

  • Bungee jumping, paragliding and spelunking—what will your son try his hand at next?

  • When we go to Spain I think I'll try my hands at running with the bulls.

  • When I first tried my hand at skiing, I was the worst but I kept trying until I got good.


  • give something to try/go
  • dip a/your toe into something
  • give something a whirl

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