Idiom:  under someone’s nose


Idiom:  under someone’s nose

  • something that is clearly visible and should be seen but is not noticed or found

Example sentences

  • I was looking for my keys all morning but they were right under my nose the whole time.
  • Many times the solution to our problems is right under our noses.
  • She was looking for the perfect husband for years when she realized her dream man—her next door neighbor—was under her nose the whole time.
  • A:  "I can’t find my sunglasses!"  B: "They’re right under your nose—well actually, on top of your head!"
  • We couldn't find a solution to our funding problem until a temp pointed out a donor that was right under our noses.
  • The thief was right under our noses. We found out our daughter was the one selling my wife's jewelry on eBay.
  • Let's take a break and reconvene tomorrow. I have a feeling the answer is right under our noses but we're too tired to see it.
  • We looked for fluffy for two hours before we found her right under our noses. She'd crawled into her pet carrier bag and fallen asleep.


  • can't miss it
  • in front of your (very) eyes
  • in broad daylight
  • in plain sight

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