Idiom:  unsung hero

A comic strip style graphic of the idiom unsung hero. The film, Hidden Figures, revealed the stories of female African-American mathematicians who were unsung heroes at NASA during segregation.


Idiom:  unsung hero

  • Someone who has done something heroic or achieved greatness but has not been recognized or celebrated for the achievement

Example sentences

  • Two men were unsung heroes rescuing several puppies from the fire after the police determined it was too dangerous to enter the burning house.
  • My colleague was really the unsung hero for the development of our most successful product this year.
  • I actually asked the police captain to let me be an unsung hero because I'm a very shy person and hate attention.
  • There were many unsung heroes hiding Jews from the Nazi's during the Holocaust.
  • I saw a really interesting documentary last night about five unsung heroes of the American Civil Rights Movement.
  • Helen Taussig is an unsung hero whose surgical innovations in pediatric cardiology have saved the lives of millions of babies.
  • The public is desperately trying to identify the unsung hero who saved countless lives at Richmond High School by tripping the shooter and kicking his weapon across the hallway.
  • Do you know Alice Paul?  I didn't think so. She was an unsung hero who wrote the first draft of the Equal Rights Amendment and worked faithfully for women's voting rights.


  • out of the public eye
  • away from the limelight

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