Idiom:  wash one’s hands of someone (something)


Idiom:  wash one’s hands of someone (something)

  • to stop being involved or responsible for someone/something

Example sentences

  • When my kids became 18 years old, I washed my hands of doing their laundry.
  • I had to wash my hands of my daughter when she got on drugs and refused to stop lying and stealing from us. It was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.
  • If our neighbor doesn't reciprocate soon, we're going to wash our hands of watching their dog on weekends.

  • My parents washed their hands of me when I married somebody from a different religion.

  • Now that I'm rich, my parents wish they hadn't washed their hands of me when I refused to work for the family business.

  • The writer's family was forced to wash their hands of him after his writings criticized the dictator's government.

  • My husband filed for divorce but even though he got cancer afterwards, I refused to wash my hands of him.


  • not be someone's keeper

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