Idiom:  watch one's back


Idiom:  watch one's back

  • to be careful to notice what’s happening around you
  • be careful so no one will harm or trick you

Example sentences

  • I have to watch my back at this office because people are unfriendly and it's a real rat race.
  • Watch your back when you're traveling abroad because there are lots of pickpockets at the train and bus stations. 
  • Watch your back when you go out to bars so no one slips anything in your drink.
  • I always watch my back since I started law school. It's very competitive.
  • Watch your back in New York City—people there will take advantage of you if given the chance.
  • To succeed in reality television competitions, you have to watch your back and form alliances.
  • It's crazy but I actually have to watch my back around my own "friends."
  • If you don't watch your back, other people won't hesitate to steal your ideas in this department.


  • watch out for
  • look out for yourself
  • tread carefully

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