Idiom:  you’re toast


Idiom:  you’re toast (to be toast)

  • you’re in trouble

Example sentences

  • You’re toast when your mom finds out you ruined her blouse.
  • You're toast—If you didn’t study for the exam you're going to fail it.
  • I'm toast when my parents see everything I've charged on their credit card this month.
  • We're toast if we don't make it to the airport in time to catch our flight.
  • I thought I was toast when I arrived late at the meeting but the speaker also hadn't arrived yet so I didn't miss anything.
  • This is your last warning—one more missed class and you're toast.
  • There're so many orders to fill, we're toast. Call Manpower to see if they can send out a temp to help us.
  • What are you doing playing video games?  You're toast if mom and dad see you haven't finished your homework yet.


  • you're in for it

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