My Impression of Cameron's Talk

by Leehee

I think that the video was interesting and inspiring because you come to understand that the world is becoming a place where not everyone is accepted by looks and you have to learn a certain way to get away with your problems and with life.

I very much agree that looks are superficial because personality is what counts. I think that everyone should look and think of themselves and do whatever they like and think is the best for themselves. I also think that looks are powerful even though I don't want to think that. I know that looks will be important for a long time and I dont agree with it.

I think that photos of models are very harmful to regular women and girls. Photos of models make regular women and girls hate their body and try to be like the models because of society and it's standards. Instead of liking the way they look, women and girls copy models and make themselves feel insecure.

I think that models are so insecure even though they are beautiful because they have to think about what they look like every single day.

(This comment is in response to Cameron Russell's TED Talk, which you can view by clicking here).

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