Sleep Like a Log Idiom

Sleep like a log (idiom)

Look at the picture and try to guess the meaning of the idiom 'sleep like a log.'  

Sleep like a log:  to sleep very soundly (deeply) — so well that noises don't even wake you up.


In case you don't know what a log is, it's a large part of the trunk of a tree that has been cut down. So it's that large, long, round cylinder-shaped tree portion on the bed in the picture.

You probably wouldn't think that a log would easily "toss and turn" (move around to different positions) during the night while it was sleeping. It's so heavy and big it would just stay there in the same position and sleep. A log is very hard to move (or disturb).

So this is a really easy idiom to remember. It's used frequently in every day informal English.


  • My husband slept like a log  the entire flight but I didn't even get five minutes of sleep.      
  • Take this pill at bedtime and you'll sleep like a log  tonight.    
  • Since I got a quality mattress I've slept like a log  every night.    
  • Sorry I didn't answer your phone calls last night — I must have slept like a log  because I never heard the phone ring.
  • "Is your son sleeping?" "Don't worry, you don't need to whisper — he sleeps like a log."
  • I slept like a log  my first night in Istanbul. I was so jet lagged that I didn't even hear the call to prayer from the mosque right next to the hotel!
  • Some people don't sleep well after they eat or drink alcohol but I sleep like a log  when I do these things.
  • Our neighbors had a party last night and the police were called but I slept like a log  and didn't hear a thing.
  • I drank so much at the party that I came home and slept like a log  for 12 hours.

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Your turn to practice

So, tell me when was the last time that you or someone you know slept like a log?  Let me know in the comments!

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