Caught with One's Pants Down Idiom

Caught with one's pants down idiom

Can you guess the meaning of the idiom "caught with one's pants down" by looking at the comic above?  

Catch with one's pants down:  1) to surprise someone in an embarrassing situation; 2) to find someone while they're doing something wrong.


The verb 'catch' has an irregular past tense:  caught.

This is a figurative expression—it does not mean the person was literally caught with their pants down by their ankles!


  • When I came home early I caught my son with his pants down,  smoking one of my husband's cigars with his friends.
  • My parents caught me with my pants down  stealing beer from the keg in the garage.
  • I've tried to think of every possible question the board could ask me—I really don't want to get caught with my pants down  at the meeting.
  • My coworker was caught with her pants down  today. She tried to print out 25 personal photos on our high-quality color printer but the machine jammed.
  • I caught my girlfriend with her pants down  at the mall. She was exchanging phone numbers with an older guy, so I can't trust her anymore.
  • We were caught with our pants down  when our client asked us why we were charging her $50/hour more than another client.
  • My professor always catches me with my pants down  when I don't do the reading but never calls on me in class when I do my homework. 

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