Idiom:  blind date


Idiom:  blind date

  • a date (social meeting) where two people have never met or before
  • a romantic meeting where two people do not know each other and have never seen each other before

Example sentences

  • I did not want to go on a blind date that my mother arranged but I'm really glad I did because that's how I met my husband.
  • Since I got divorced everyone has been trying to set me up on blind dates but I just want to remain single for awhile. 
  • In college, we used to have a really fun party each semester called "screw your roommate,"  where everyone arranged blind dates for their roommates.
  • My neighbor has set me up on blind date and I found her photo on LinkedIn. She's stunning so I'm really worried about what she will think of me.
  • I never know what to wear when I have a blind date and it just really adds to the stress of the occasion.
  • My friend and I are going on a blind double date Saturday night and he's very outgoing so I'm sure he'll get the cuter girl.
  • Don't worry.  Lots of people have great blind dates. Since your colleague set you up with one of her best friends, she obviously thinks you may be a good match.
  • I had a blind date several years ago and the guy I was set up with thought I was actually blind, which I found hysterical.
  • Do you think we should set our children up on a blind date or would that be too awkward?


  • set-up
  • arranged date

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