Idiom:  Play cat and mouse


Idiom:  cat and mouse

  • A series of planned actions involving pursuit, captures and repeated escapes.

Example sentences

  • The serial killer played cat and mouse with the police for ten years, leaving a trail of notes and clothing items from his victims and anonymous phone calls.
  • A:  You're not answering his calls?  I thought you liked that guy.  B:  I do but he's playing cat and mouse with me so I'm doing the same.
  • I feel like this candidate is playing cat and mouse with us.  Do you think she has another job offer or maybe she's interviewing with a lot of other companies?
  • If you want to go into collections then you  better start getting used to playing cat and mouse with clients.
  • We thought we had a buyer for our house but the real estate agent was just playing cat and mouse with us.
  • Online dating is like a game of cat and mouse where you can't even be sure if the person you're exchanging messages with is real.
  • My employer is playing cat and mouse with me.  I've done everything that they've asked to get a promotion and raise but they keep changing the parameters.
  • Why are you playing cat and mouse with us?  We can tell you changed your grades on your report card and your teacher said you've missed five classes this month.


  • a con game
  • delay tactics
  • smoke screen

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