Idiom:  deck out (someone/something)


Idiom:  deck out (someone/something); to deck (someone/something) out

  • to decorate in a special way
  • to beautify oneself and dress in fine clothes

Example sentences

  • Makeup, jewelry and a dress? Why are you all decked out tonight?
  • We decked out our house out with lights and ribbons for my sister's baby shower. 
  • Our social committee did a wonderful job decking out the school auditorium for our homecoming dance.
  • My girlfriend decked out my new car with fuzzy green dice, red and white seat covers and she wrapped my steering wheel with gold streamers to embarrass me... but I kind of like it.
  • My son loves to dress up but my daughter is more of a tomboy. She absolutely hates getting decked out.
  • Last night, I felt so uncomfortable at the party. Everyone was decked out and I was wearing jeans and a white shirt.
  • My colleagues decked out my cubicle with balloons and streamers and covered my desk in aluminum foil aluminum for my birthday. It was hysterical.
  • I love how everybody on my street decks out their houses with lights and lawn ornaments at Christmas.
  • When we decked our front yard out in a graveyard theme for Halloween, my three-year-old was afraid to go out on our front porch.


  • doll up
  • pimp out (slang)

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