Idiom:  (every) now and again


Idiom:  (every) now and again

  • sometimes but not regularly or often
  • once in a while

Example sentences

  • Every now and again I see my ex-boyfriend at the gym and I still feel really nervous.
  • Now and again you should stop by and say hello. We miss seeing you.
  • I try to visit my parents every now and again because I'm their only child.
  • Every now and again you see someone who takes your breath away.
  • I get my teeth whitened every now and again since I drink so much coffee.
  • If you'd eat vegetables now and again you'd be healthier.
  • We used to play doubles with Mr and Mrs Weller now and again but they haven't been to the tennis club in at least four months.
  • Every now and again your mom will go on a diet and lose 10 pounds and then gain 15 back.
  • It was great to see you. Let's go for drinks now and again okay?
  • Since we moved to the beach our college friends visit us now and again.
  • Doctor, I get migraines every now and again. What can I do to treat them?


  • every now and then
  • ever so often
  • every so often
  • from time to time
  • once in a blue moon
  • once in a while
  • off and on

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