Idiom:  face to face


Idiom:  face to face (with something)

  1. being directly in front of and facing someone or something
  2. in a situation where you are forced to deal directly with a problem

Example sentences

  • My boyfriend broke-up with me over the phone because he was too afraid to do it face to face.
  • For six months I had only spoken to that girl by email so I was really nervous when we finally decided to meet face to face.
  • Many people tourists are very emotional when they come face to face with the 9/11 memorial in Washington, DC
  • I was stunned when I sat down in my seat on the train and came face to face with my ex-fiance and his new girlfriend.
  • We'll screen applicants over the phone and then bring three individuals in to interview with us face to face.
  • When my husband was diagnosed with cancer it was the first time we were face to face with our mortality.
  • Most wealthy people never come face to face with the difficulties poor people have to deal with in order to work, such as affordable childcare and transportation.
  • Until I moved to Africa, I never came face to face with the need for clean water.
  • My work as a social worker brings me face to face with homelessness and it's relationship to mental illness. 


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