Idiom:  (get) out from under (something)


Idiom:  (get) out from under (something)

  • not being controlled by someone else any longer

Example sentences

  • The people are finally out from under the dictator’s rule but now the country is in chaos.
  • I’ve got to get out from under this credit card debt because I can hardly sleep at night.
  • My boss is so mean everyone tries to get out from under her management.
  • When I'm out from under my parents' care I'm going to go out every single night.
  • Refugees were so desperate to get out from under the Taliban they fled on foot to Turkey.
  • I grew up in a cult. Getting out from under their mind control was very difficult.
  • We're trying to get our 17 year old daughter from under the control of her 48 year old "friend" but she's determined to live with him next year.
  • I've got to get out from under my husband's abuse but I'm scared to go to a shelter.


  • set free
  • break free
  • wriggle out of
  • save one's neck
  • get off the hook

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