Idiom:  give an inch


Idiom:  give an inch

  • to partly agree to something

Note:  This is often used in the negative (not give an inch) to show that someone refuses to agree or compromise at all.

Example sentences

  • I had to divorce my husband because he never gave an inch about anything.
  • Sometimes if you give an inch, the other person also becomes more agreeable and you can find a solution to the problem.
  • As they say:  Give an inch and they'll take a mile.
  • This time, we're not giving an inch with this clientthat's exactly why we insisted he sign a contract after our last dispute.
  • I'm willing to give an inch, if my opponent is willing to do the same.
  • I'm never going to give an inch to my coworker again because she never agrees with anything I suggest.
  • Please don't give an inch with a babysitter again—if she can't come for the entire evening, then we need to hire someone else.
  • Your brother never gives an inch in any discussion and it's tiring to talk to him about anything.


  • find middle ground
  • trade off
  • find a happy medium


  • stand one's ground
  • stick to one's guns
  • not budge
  • take a hardline

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