Idiom:  hang out (with someone)


Idiom:  hang out (with someone)

  • to spend time with someone

Example sentences

  • Sorry I can’t go with you. I like to hang out with my parents on Sundays.
  • Do you want to hang out with us tomorrow?
  • My roommates and I used to hang out a lot last semester but now we never see each other.
  • When I was in junior high school I used to hang out with the nerds and I was on the debate team.
  • If you're not busy, we're going to hang out at the mall after school today.
  • Those boys used to hang out and smoke pot everyday after school so I'm not surprised none of them have jobs.
  • After the concert, we went to a local bar and the band was there so we hung out with them for a few hours.
  • All you ever want to do is hang out at home watching TV and it's so boring. Let's go out for dinner or to a movie.
  •  My friends and I used to hang out with my English teacher because she was so cool so I wasn't entirely shocked when she was arrested for having a relationship with a student.


  • get together
  • hang around
  • run around with

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