Idiom:  keep one’s hands off something


Idiom:  keep one’s hands off something

  1. to not touch something
  2. to not be involved in something

Example sentences

  • Keep your hands off the antiques—I don’t want to have to buy something because you break it.
  • You and your husband need to discipline your son—for now I’m going to keep the school’s hands off the situation.
  • Please keep your hands off the windows. You're leaving fingerprints everywhere.
  • The policeman told the suspect to keep his hands off his gun or he would shoot him.

  • How many times do I have to ask you to keep your hands off the iron? Your going to get burned.

  • I'm tired of having to ask the kids to keep their hands off your golf clubs. Will you please take them down to the basement?

  • I would like to remind everyone to please keep their hands off the paintings. The oil and dirt on your fingers can damage them.

  • Those cupcakes look so delicious but I better keep my hands off them or I'll ruin my diet. 


  • leave something alone
  • let something alone

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