Idiom:  launch into someone


Idiom:  launch into someone

  • to severely criticize someone

Example sentences

  • My parents launched into me after I came home an hour late Saturday night.
  • I didn’t expect my mother-in-law to launch into me the first time we met but she did and fortunately my husband defended me.
  • Our boss launches into us if we're even two minutes late.
  • I want to apologize for launching into you last night at dinner. I was wrong.
  • The next time you launch into me like that I'll quit.
  • You really need to stop launching into people before you have all the facts.
  • I regret launching into my husband for stupid little things.  After he passed away, I would give anything for just one more day with him.
  • Was it necessary to launch into your son during the game? Let his coach do the coaching instead.


  • jump all over someone
  • rake someone over the coals
  • give someone a tongue lashing

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